Are You Spending Too Much to Make Customers Happy?

Date posted: July 6, 2016

It’s probably no coincidence that the luxury goods maker Chanel produced the most expensive ad ever made. It was 2004’s “No. 5 the Film,” costing Read more…

Panasonic is Helping Cities Get Smarter and Cars Go Greener

Date posted: July 5, 2016

What products come to mind when you think about Panasonic Corporation? There’s a long list to choose from, and you might easily pick televisions, audio Read more…

How IoT Is Turbocharging Developing Economies

Date posted:

The question of whether IT can help developing countries leapfrog and bypass developed economies is not new. We know that traditional IT is enabling mostly Read more…

SAP Design Thinking Expands Its Footprint in Silicon Valley

Date posted: July 4, 2016

SAP Labs Silicon Valley is expanding its leadership in the design world with the opening of a new SAP AppHaus and an event for designers Read more…

Co-Innovation with Mercedes-AMG: A Journey of Shared Expertise

Date posted:

More than an outcome, co-innovation is a journey. If done right, it has the power of building trust and expertise. SAP and Mercedes-AMG have started Read more…

The Next Digital Hub of Africa Isn’t Where You Think It Is

Date posted: June 27, 2016

Let’s start with a short quiz. Which African country is: the world’s fastest developing country according the UN’s Human Development Index – and has annual Read more…

Organic Food Boom Leads Alnatura to New Retail Solution

Date posted:

Global demand for organic foods is growing rapidly. Not because organic is new, or because a giant health craze is sweeping the globe. It’s because Read more…

Why Companies Don’t Need Knowledge Workers Anymore

Date posted:

The days of the knowledge worker are coming to an end. As businesses are gearing up to handle a mind-blowing amount of information, the sheer Read more…

Machine Learning and Talent Selection: Moving Us Forward or Back?

Date posted: June 24, 2016

Will machines replace HR and managers when it comes to decisions about people? That’s the question at the crux of a recent Fortune article, Wall Read more…

Castlight Health and SAP Team to Provide Quality Patient Care

Date posted:

Castlight Health eliminates the frustration in finding quality healthcare. At SAPPHIRE NOW Castlight Health’s Executive Vice President, John McCracken explained how the company is dedicated Read more…

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